S2 E10: The Synod Experience

Episode 10 February 15, 2022 00:56:46
S2 E10: The Synod Experience
Blessed Sacrament Voices Podcast
S2 E10: The Synod Experience

Hosted By

Kristyn Russell

Show Notes

Kristyn Russell is joined by college students, Hannah (The College of Wooster), John (Calvin University), and Collin (University of Michigan) for a synod listening session. What do these young adults desire in their Church? This podcast follows the same structure that our listening sessions at the parish will follow. You can RSVP for a listening session here.

All three young adults were active participants in youth ministry at Blessed Sacrament. They attended NCYC, participated on the Outreach Team, and were members of the Youth 2 Youth retreat team.

Collin mentions a video that he did for the Diocese of Saginaw. You can find that here.

Hannah was a guest on the podcast back in December. If you missed her episode, you can find it here.

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